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Jim has been a recorded speaker many times over the past 20 years. Several videos series are available from BJU Press, and other series are available from

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Available from BJU Press:

Essential Virtues DVDs

Essential VirtuesBJU Press Description:
Essential Virtues by Jim Berg draws from the principles of 2 Peter 1 to explore the marks of the Christian life. Peter lists the virtues of a Christlike believer: knowledge, self-control, endurance, godliness, brotherly kindness, and love. As we understand the meaning and importance of these core virtues, we can learn to cultivate these qualities while avoiding worldliness, rebellion, and spiritual apathy. Berg’s clear application encourages personal Bible study that will result in true biblical maturity. The DVD series, based on Essential Virtues, includes a thirteen-part video series taught by Jim Berg. Suitable for teens and adults.


“Purity: Winning the Battle in a Perverse World”

“Purity: Winning the Battle in a Perverse World” Can Christian men today show moral courage and win the respect of their families, and have an impact upon a corrupt world? In this video seminar Jim equips men to safeguard themselves and their families against a culture that constantly streams immorality through movies, music, and the internet. This is an excellent resource for men’s Sunday school and Bible studies. The seminar contains 8 lessons of 30-40 minutes each.


Quieting a Noisy Soul

Quieting a Noisy Soul cover As the pressures of modern life escalate, so do the numbers of those who suffer silently from its effects—panic attacks, eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive behavior, and depression.

Quieting a Noisy Soul is a unique multimedia program for personal growth and change. No Christian program provides such a comprehensive, structured means to saturate your mind with the truths of who God is and how He intends for those truths to deliver you from guilt, anxiety, anger, and despair.

Session 1 (sample)  (21.8MB)


Changed into His Image

Changed into His Image coverJim Berg is the speaker for this video series based on his life-changing book. The thirteen-part, six-video set covers the topics Restraining the Flesh, Renewing Your Mind, and Reflecting Your Lord. Each session lasts approximately 30 minutes.



Created for His Glory

Created for His Glory coverNow, the seminar based on Jim Berg's life-changing book is available on video & DVD. Berg is the speaker in this six-video set covering 13 sessions that range from 31 to 37 minutes long. The sessions' subjects include: The Reality of God's Supremacy, The Reality of the Spirit's Security, Restoring the Unit, and more.

Session 2 (sample)  (12.4MB)


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